I teach Japanese language courses, linguistics courses, and a graduate course online in Japanese linguistics.

Fall 2023

JAPN5620 日本語の変異と変化 Variation and Change in Japanese, taught in Japanese online (Middlebury College Masters of Arts in Japanese Language and Culture program)


FYSE1437 Language, Culture and the Individual (F2015)

JAPN0101 Elementary Japanese I [webpage] (team-taught) (F2020, F2016)

JAPN0102 Elementary Japanese II (team-taught) (W2023, W2019, W2017)

JAPN0103 Elementary Japanese III [webpage] (team-taught)(S2021, S2017) 

JAPN/JNGT 1230 Data Science across Disciplines [webpage] (team-taught)

JAPN/LNGT0210 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics [webpage](S2023, S2022, S2021, F2019, F2018, S2016, F2014)

JAPN0301 Third-Year Japanese I [webpage]  (F2022, F2018, F2016, F2015, F2014)

JAPN0302 Third-Year Japanese II [webpage] (S2020, S2019, S2017, S2016, S2015)

JAPN/LNGT 0310 Variation and Change in Japanese [webpage] (F2022, F2021, F2020, S2020, S2019)

JAPN0401 Advanced Japanese I [webpage] (F2019)

JAPN0402 Advanced Japanese II (S2015)

JAPN5620 日本語の変異と変化(Variation and Change in Japanese)(F2022, F2021) (Middlebury College Masters of Arts in Japanese Language and Culture program) Online, asynchronous, taught in Japanese


General/Theoretical Linguistics

Introduction to Linguistic Analysis (Williams C.)

Survey of Linguistic Diversity (Williams C.) — cognitive semantics & pragmatics

Language, Society and the Individual (Vassar C., U at Buffalo)

Language, Culture and the Individual [First-Year Seminar] (Middlebury C.)

Textbooks used: Contemporary Linguistics, Language, Culture and Communication, Language Files

Japanese Linguistics

Variation and Change in Japanese (Middlebury C.)

Introduction to Japanese Linguistics (Middlebury C., Grand Valley U.)

Japanese Culture through Linguistics: Styles and settings (Vassar C.) 

Textbooks used: An Introduction to Japanese linguistics, Japanese: A linguistic introduction, Japanese: An introduction, Japanese Language in Use, The Languages of Japan

Japanese Language

1st year: Elementary/First Year Japanese (Middlebury C., Vassar C., U at Buffalo, etc.)

2nd year: Intermediate/Second Year Japanese (Williams C., U at Buffalo, etc.)

3rd year: Third Year Japanese I & II (Middlebury C., Vassar C., Williams C.)

4th year: Advanced Japanese I/II (Middlebury C., Williams C.)

5th year: Advanced Seminar in Japanese I/II (Williams C.)

Intensive Japanese (Summer and Winter)

Textbooks used: [Elementary] Elementary Functional Japanese; Genki I & II; Japanese: The Spoken Language I & II; Japanese for Busy People; Nakama 1 & 2Genki I & II; [Intermediate] 上級へのとびら (Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese); 中級の日本語 (An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese); [Advanced] 中級から上級への日本語 (Authentic Japanese); 文化へのまなざし (Facets of Culture); マンガ『坊ちゃん』Manga Botchan; authentic materials (newspapers, novels, videos, etc.)